Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hey guys sorry for not writing more but I'm writing a book and its taken up the writing part of my brain for a while but I'm back and so irritated with the planet that I might figuratively explode. So, rant now talk later. The country is panicing because out of the MORE THAN 316 MILLION people in the U.S.A  95 have measles! DUN DUN DAH!  We're all gonna DIIIEE! Well think about it, maybe not. To properly express my emotions I'm going to have to break out the sarcasm font.
 Here I go: The measles are an epidemic of unseen proportions killing Millions!  See how this works.

Now I will give you a look into the life of a 12 year old girl being raised by the dreaded:
 Antivax parents
Hello world your worst fears are true the AntiVax movement is actually run by evil people striving to turn innocent children into germ incubating beasts in the name of AntiScience. As a child being raised by people who don't agree with mainstream media I learned to keep my head down and sacrifice my kittens to Satan without complaint. Whenever I get sick (about once a week*) mom takes me down to the cancer ward to use child cancer victims as tissues. Sometimes we get kicked out of the cancer ward and have to use the NICU instead because, unvaccinated infants** of course we say that I'm not vaccinated because of family history of autoimmune diseases on both sides, and a list of allergies that include but are not limited to: air freshener, animal fur, artificial food  coloring and flavoring, pollen, milk, seaseme seeds, soy, wheat, corn, tomatoes, mold, mildew, fabric softener, feathers, perfume, spring,and fall. As well as a generally messed up immune system that makes predicting how I will react to anything nearly impossible, But it's really because we're too lazy to get up off our asses and take life saving wonderfulness!

*6 months
**whenever I get sick mom tucks me into bed with a good book, a humidifier, and some soup. We don't go anywhere.