Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hello and welcome to Mya's random thought of the day!
Drumroll please.

"If you treat science as a religion it isn't science."

I recently un-followed a very popular Facebook page that professed to love science. They did love it, with a blind passion, trusted scientists with their lives, and declared those who questioned it were simple minded, flat-earthers, or just plain stupid. The trouble is, that science is built on questions. That's how it grows and changes; that's its power, the power to express human curiosity in a way that betters humanity. By supporting organizations that cherry pick data theses people betray that power. By worshipping science you make it meaningless, and by assuming that when a large percentage of the population notices something dangerous about something that they are basically idiots raving about things that they don't understand.  Take G.M.Os for example, they say that people have been "genetically modifying organisms" for thousands of years.  But in fact turning a wolf into a poodle, although a drastic change, happened gradually over hundreds of years through selective breeding. Nature had time work out the details and fix the mistakes.  While GMOs are made quickly in a lab by mixing the genetic structures of two or more life forms. Time has not yet shown the possible mistakes. They say its okay because much of the research  is done by nonprofit organizations and not big corporations. I say that the money to do the research came from somewhere and they have no stated agenda which makes them pretty shady.

But really the best way to sum up the Facebook page is in the words of my fairy godmother "You don't love science you lust for science's fat ass as it walks by."

P.S  I know this is in a different tone than my other post but what can I say sometimes I write happy sometimes I write ANGRY


  1. A very interesting point of view, Mya. It's so good to read your blog. I shared it on my Facebook page. I hope you get some followers and remember to enjoy the writing!