Thursday, September 4, 2014

The best gap year ever (with star trek)

Its time for Mya's random thought of the day.
Drumroll please,

"The best gap year ever would be waitressing in Ten Forward on the Enterprise."

Mom came home from a homeschool conference talking about gap years a while back and how some kids spend a year between high school and college following around people to figure out what they want to be or touring the world or something else they want to do. I'm a huge trekkie. And so, combining those two things, we get trekkie gap years.

 Assuming I live in a cool futuristic universe, someday I want to be a science officer and hopefully some day be a captain. But I haven't decided if I want the prestige of a starship or if I'd be just as happy skipping the academy and exploring the galaxy on my own. Since they probably won't rent out ships to minors, my best bet would be a civilian position  on a starship. And because I'm not cut out to be a janitor, and need to be placed somewhere where I can ask people about what they've been doing today.  Do they enjoy their choice of career? What could I expect for my first assignment?  I would apply for a waitressing job in a bar, on a large starship, like Ten-Forward.

Here are 10 reasons:

*  How hard is it to take something out of a replicator and deliver it to a table?

*  Its a great way to meet awesome people.

*  There's shore leave on Risa!

*  Since I'm not a main character I might not get brainwashed on Risa

*  I'd get to see the galaxy.

*  If I decided to go to the academy there'd lots of time to study.

*  I would get to learn about cool alien cultures.

*  "Year's experience aboard a starship" makes for a strong résumé"

*   Most of the time only real Starfleet officers get killed off.

*   And in a bar on a starship who knows what will happen?

Our closing thought is
"I am a geek through and though. Deal with it."


  1. Just make sure you're not wearin' a red shirt, dearie!

    1. Don't worry Ms. Boswell I plan on flying with Captain Picard not Kirk. But I should probably wear blue anyway. ;)