Saturday, September 13, 2014

The great lizard debacle of 2014

Hello and welcome to Mya's random thought of the day.
Drumroll please,
"Yesterday was the great lizard debacle of 2014.''
Big news at our house this week, was that mom was getting a new washer and dryer to replace the ones that only worked when poked with a bamboo skewer, and that meant lots of cleaning up the basement. So that the laundry machines could be rolled though the toy/homeschool room down the hall and into the laundry room. (For some back ground my siblings are 5 and 7 and being homeschooled by Mom who tries her best not to let us all drown in our own filth but it's an uphill battle sometimes. So, anyways, we were cleaning, and by about the third layer of crap, we discovered something, a dead lizard. Dad wrapped it in a paper towel, threw it away and we thought we were done with that for about 3 seconds, at which point, I picked up a lid from a Costco sized jar of nuts, yelled LIZARD!! And abruptly dropped the lid onto a baby lizard. Breathing deeply, I thought, "Caallm dowwn, Mya, it is probably just a big beetle. It was what, like two inches long and shaped like an oval?  Just a beetle.'' Feeling much better, I assured my mother that "I was just freaked out. It might be just a bug." And in a less assuring tone, that I didn't know if it was alive, but that I would check. Bravely turning over the lid to discover a LIZARD!! Even ever cool-headed Mom was like ''ITS ALIVE ITS ALIVE!!" Dad didn't want to touch it, my brother was scared of it, and my sister stood back occasionally yelling, "Get it daddy, get it!'' Eventually Dad caught it in a jar with a lid not unlike the one at the beginning of our tale and put it outside

P.S If you're worrying about the big lizard, little lizard ratio, don't. I have it on the best ten year old authority that they were both juveniles even though one was the lizard equivalent of a baby and the other at least ten judging by size.

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