Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's time for Mya's random thought of the day. Drumroll please.
"People are like a bag of Bertie Bots every flavor beans."
What, you don't remember Bertie Bots every flavor beans?? Well let me jog your memory.
Now you probably want me to explain my earlier statement and because I'm highly susceptible to peer pressure, I'll tell you. Every time you meet someone you're fishing though the bag that is the universe and generally hoping for a really awesome one like chocolate or cherry but the trouble is, that people, like jellybeans, come in every flavor and most of the time you get an odd flavor like turkey or earwax simply because there are so many flavors in a bag and if you have fudge you also have to have vomit and lots and lots in between. So you have to find the ones that you're comfortable with because you could find that you love turkey flavored beans even if no one else does or that brown bean that everyone said was chocolate wasn't. So in conclusion what this all boils down to is that:"People are like a bag of Bertie Bots every flavor jellybeans there are some really great ones out there but there's an awful lot you wouldn't want to lick."

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